Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- Plantar Fasciaitis and Patience

2012 was supposed to be my first competitive year of Ultrarunning. I had 8 races planned, which was a bad idea to begin with. I had hoped that taking off the months of Nov and Dec would fix my hip and foot problems but my body had other plans. I had already signed up for HAT Run and I was committed to running that but training for it only set me back. After about a month of running only 20ish miles a week the PF flared up again and I was back to biking until almost August....

However the pain, physical amd mental, of being unable to train has given way to joy over the last 3 months. Near the end of the summer I underwent 4 rounds of Shockwave Therapy. Slowly but surely the throbbing in the heal subsided. Literally the pain subsided in the smallest of degrees day by day. In August I was able to run about 20 miles a week. In september I crossed 100 miles for a month. Nov I averaged 30 miles a week. And now December I have been able to run over 160 miles! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD! Seriously the joy I feel as I write those last 2 sentences is incredible. All I've really wanted to do for this entire year is be able to train pain free. I'm sooooo close to that.

Running has been my therapy for the last 3 years. Hours alone on the trails have such a cleansing effect on the brain. Coming home I feel physically tired but mentally refreshed. Having that back is so comforting. So while 2012 may have been a failure as far a achieving my goals, it has ended on a high note and once again i'm uber optimistic about 2013.

So my goals were.

1) Run 2000 Miles -166 miles a month, 5.5 miles a day FAIL Ran almost 700 miles. (400 in the last 4 months)
2) Complete Hat Run with Dave and Wayne without hurting myself. EH! Finished it but didn't have Dave and I think I set myself back a bit by running it.
3) Break 4:30 at Blues Cruise in October FAIL Didn't run it at all4) Run the PA section of the Appalachian Trail this summer FAIL ran no AT trail this summer5) Get one guy from my Mantrip crew to sign up and complete an Ultra this year. FAIL wusses

So.... Yea. Tough year but ending on a much higher note than last year. 2013 here I come! Maybe my first top 5 finish? 2000 miles? Milestones galore. 

Week Ending 12-30

Mon- 7 Miles at nesh. Ran in the mornig for the first time in a long time. I paid dearly for not havig eaten anything beforhand. 60 minuts almost.
Tues- 7 Miles at Nesh- 54:10 Much better today. Felt alot of energy in final 3 miles. Great t have this run after yesterday's failure.
Wed- 4 core creek with my brother!
Thurs- 5.3 core creek with my wife and brother. Good times.
Fri- 11.5 new trail in NJ .5 with brother
Sat- 7 miles in snow! Love snow running.
Sun- 2 miles on road.

Week- 43
Dec- 153 yea!

Christmas and New Years almost in the same week.  Not much to share. I think I'll have to revisit my goals for 2012 after I post this. I think I missed on almost all of them. Here's to a healthy 2013.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trying to Rest. Week ending 12-23

Mon- Soccer game- 3 miles. Won 11-3 boom.
Tues- 3 Miles with My Wife, Chris, and Justin at Core Creek. Nice and Slow
Wed- 2 Miles Langhorne Hills- Soccer game at 11pm- 3 miles. Other team didn't show, punks. Split up our team and played for 40 minutes or so.
Thurs- 5 Miles Langhorne hills....slow and steady. Hate running the road.
Fri- 7 Miles Neshaminy 55min! Love this course. Glad to run it again.
Sat- 5 miles Langhorne hills
Sun- Rest

Well the rest week went as planned I think. The friday 7 miler was a bit of a push but ultimately 55 minutes on that loop isn't fast. It's about 6 minutes off my PR which is almost a mile a minute slower than PR pace. So it was kinda a rest run. Ran a few times with my wife which is a joy. Cold weather and snow potentially next week. Very exciting. Haven't had to wear gloves or real cold weather gear yet this year. Maybe next week.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2012

40.....hopefully......cmon get there!

Mon- 3 slow miles with justin. 2 soccer games 6 miles ish.....
Tues- 8 miles 61:05- Legs so heavy today. Hips were good. No drama. Core Creek has been wet and soggy for almost 8 days nows. It's getting to be significantly annoying to have to almost stop dead at certain points in order to keep from falling over.
Wed- 5.3 Core Creek 44:24 Similar story. Heavy legs. Took it very slow.
Thurs- 8 miles Core Creek Went with Chris. Took around an hr. Got to get his Hellate race report. So jealous that I couldn't run that race this year. I think that's my #1 running goal for next year. 100K Starting at midnight, lots of mountains.....ahhh can't wait.
Fri-5 Core Creek + 2 Treadmill
Sat- 5.3 Core Creek 39:58
Sun- Rest

Another week in the books. Felt good to break 40 this week after getting so close last week. I will say though that I am very excited about a rest week next week. I'm always so worried about reinjuring myself that the rest week has become a necessity for me. What a blessing though just to be able to be out out on the traisl again without much pain. Last year we so frustrating. The last 2 months have been great. Can't complain

Week - 42 Ha!
Dec- 82

Monday, December 10, 2012

This is 40, Almost Week ending 12-9

38 miles this week! I haven't run this many mile in one week since my last, and only, 50 miler last November. Such a good feeling to get back near 40 miles. That being said, what a roller coaster week. Feet killed me on tuesday and wednesday, my hips were really bugging me second half of the week. Might just be growing pains getting back to consistent  high mileage weeks. Today I feel good. Planning on another 40 miles week this week before I take next week to rest...ish....

Mon- 5.3 in 40:15 nice jog at CC + Soccer game at night 3 miles

Tuesday- 6 Ish miles at CC 49:45 do sluggish.

Wed- 3.2 miles Neshaminy. Had to abort at 3 miles. Feet hurt and hips hurt. First abandoned run in a long time. Very depressing.

Thurs- 4.5 Treadmill miles, also known as the worst type of miles ever. Maybe not bad if i'm doing hill work on the treadmill but just straight running is painful. Foot felt bettter but still much worse than 2 weeks ago. Caught a bunch of the Turin vs Juve game on the Bein network. Still upset that they have the right to most of the US soccer World Cup Qualifiers. ARG!

Fri- 8 miles Core Creek 60:58 minutes. Wet and cold, that's how I felt. My feelings happened to match the weather. Feet felt ok today. Hips were a bit of an issue. Still much better than wednesday

Sat- 8 miles Core Creek 59:50 Same course as yesterday, foot and hips both felt better than yesterday. Encouraging.

Sun- off. Woke up. Right hip was very achy. Not sure what's goin on there.

Week- 38 miles
Dec- 40.2

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week Ending Dec 2nd. Boom! Rest week + PR Try

Mon- 2.2 Miles- Soccer game at night 3 miles

Tues- 2 Miles Treadmill

Wed- 5.3 Miles Core Creek 58:50 Some slight speedwork here. My hipes are very sore from Monday night. Planning on going for a PR in Friday.

Thurs- 2.3 Miles as Neshaminy. Took it very easy. Trying to rest for tomorrow's PR attempt. Nervous but I think I'll be bale to break it.

Fri- Boom 5.3 in 35:59! Took almost a full minute off of my old personal record. Chris and I went together and he was a big help. First mile was too fast but the final mile was exactly as I'd hoped it would go. Feels good to break this one.

Sat- 2.2 Miles in Langhorne. Ran with my wife. Enjoyed it. Nice and Slow. Legs felt very heavy from yesterday.

Sun- Spent all day recruiting in Lancaster. No running. Thinking about giving up the Sunday rest day to get in a few more miles. No more than 2 at this point but it'll add up. Having the rest is nice though.

On the whole great week. Writing up something about setting PRs, will have that out soon.

Week- 21.5 Miles
Nov- 119 Miles
Dec- 2.2 Miles

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Mon- 13 Miles Core Creek First 8 miles new PR 56:59. Total time 1:43.01. Not bad. Felt pretty tired in the final 5 miles. PRobably because I pushed the first 8. Felt great though because it was very cool outside.

Tues- 5.3 Core Creek. Ran with Palladino. So tired from yesterday. Really didn't want to be out there at all but was happy to have the miles in. The rest of the week is very busy so felt good to get 18miles out of the way early in the week.

Wed- off, just way too busy

Thurs- 8 core creek- Thanksgiving day tradition to run in the morning to get out of the house. 58 min. Not bad.

Fri- 2.2 road, boring.

Sat- Off Spent all day in Harrisburgh for my Grandmother's 90th. What an amaing woman. So kind.

Sun- Off Opened at work and then had my family over for dinner. Too busy. I actually fell asleep  at around 7:30. Felt like a total loser but tha tlast 4 days wiped me out bigtime.

Week- 28 Miles
Nov- 98 Miles

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ultra Runner of the Year 2012

Though I'm still relatively new to the ultrarunning scene I believe I have followed race result for the 2012 as close as most people and want to weigh in on the coveted, although baised towards the wester hemisphere, ultra runner of the year award. Better know as UROY2012. With the increase of events and publicity, especially on the more prestigious events of the year, this year will be surely be tough to pick just one male runner. The female race will be won by Ellie GReendwood i'm not sure if anyone has to debate that. However the men's competition will be between 3 men as far as I'm concerned.
 #1 Timothy Olsen
Tim started of the year will steller performances at the Bandera, Lake Sonoma, Where's Waldo, and of course his record setting performance at Western States. While in years past this would easily have him as the easy frontrunner this year he'll be getting more competition. Tim Also had a strong showing at Run Rabit Run, but for me a 3rd place performance against a less than steller field, no insult to Karl or Dylan, doesn't do much for you as far as rounding out the year goes.

 #2 Hal Koerner
Hal had an excellent year as well. Starting off the year with a win at Rocky Racoon was nice. He built on that with his win at Hardrock. His time was excellent, the field was deep, and the times for the top 3 would have won many years in the past. Hal also has a 50 mile will at a North Face event, not a great time or event itself but it still speaks to his versitlity. For me he need another win before the end of the year.
#3 Mike Morton
Mr. Darkhorse. Many had forgotten about him but he burst back on the scene last year. This year he's been even better. This year Mike won 3, 100 miles race, Almost broke the course record as Badwater, and broke the american record for most mile in 24hrs. Mike has perfected the art of running for a long long time very quickly. Most of the top americans don't even bother running 24hr races. So kudos to Mike for even going for the 24hr record and getting it is just the extra. Oh and by the way he ran his 3 100 milers in under 13:30 for each. The man can run!

Honorable Mentions
Dakota Jones- Transculvania Win, Hardrock 3rd Place
Karl Meltzer- Winner RRR100 Win, Grindstone 100 Win and Course Record.

The Winner Is!
 For me the win goes to Mike Morton. The 24hr record really does it for me. All 3 guys had a great years but for me Mike accomplishments top all. The important thing for me though is that if Hal or Tim win the NF50 they will probably overtake Mike. I'm assuming Tim and Hal will be running and that Mike will be in Florida or something. So for me Tim and Hal need to win or this year it's all MIKE MORTON.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week Ending 11-18 Doing some Pre-Thanksgiving workouts

Mon- 13 Miles Core Creek! Boom. Ran the first 8 in a 2012 PR for this course 61:20. The next 5 miles were painful, tired, and my foot was not right but I really wanted to get 13 for some reason. Shooting for 30+ this week. That's a good start as long as getting out of bed tomorrow isn't extremely painful. Fingers Crossed.

Tues- 3.2 Miles at core creek. Slight pain and tingling in foot. Nothing to be alarmed about. Foot felt schockingly good this morning when I woke up. Trying to maintain a steady optimism.

Wed- 5.4 core creek- light day

Thurs- 6.1 Miles Core Creek with Justin Nolan- Felt good. Not tire really. Still thinking about taking it easy the next few days.

Fri- 5.3 in 37:22 So close to my PR on this course. 26 seconds off to be exact. Stomach bothered me from about the 1st mile on. Legs felt good. Foot is a bit tingly right now but that's ok I think.

Sat- 3 miles at Neshaminy. Very heavy legs from yesterday.

Sun- Rest

Week- 33
November- 70

OK Check out this "tree." Was running with Palladino the other day behind Neshaminy High School when I noticed a tree was not in the right place. The problem was that this tree was obviously very thick and was stuck deep in the ground. I was confused for a few second and then I looked up and saw that this was actully not a tree but a huge branch that broke off an even bigger tree that had fallen and stuck into the ground straight up. So if you're looking straight ahead it looks like 50yr old tree. Once you scan your eyes up you realize it's just a huge broken branch that dropped from 50ft or so and stuck into the ground. Kinda crazy the things that happen during storms. The first picture is of the branch from ground level. The second is the tree the branch fell from.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week Ending 11-11 SNOW!

One day it'll snow like this again in Philadelphia. That'll be a good day.

Mon- 8 Core Creek 61minutes
Tues- OFF- FEet killing me.
Wed- 5.3 Core Creek 40:30- Down tree mostly cleared. New sections add 20+ seconds. I waited as long as I could for the snow to start falling! It was great. Last year I was onlt able to run in th snow once. Total winter running buzzkill. Early snow this year has me pumped for what might be ahead. Bring on the white stuff!
Thurs- 2.1 Hills in Langhorne- Feet Still bad
Fri- 2 Langhorne Hills- Feet feeling better but this is my 4th light day in a row. Bleh
Sat- 5.3 Core Creek- First trail run for Justin Nolan. Struggled but pulled through
Sun- OFF

All in all this was supposed to be a rest week but I messed up my plan by have 38 miles in 7 days when I only wanted 30. My feet were very sore from that so I had to take the middle of the week very easy. Feeling PF stuff more regulary now. Might mean I need to return for more Shockwave treatment. That being said, there's still very little tingling and the pain is very dull and managable for now.

Week- 22 miles
November- 37 miles

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week Ending 11-4

Monday- Hurricane Sandy
Tuesday- 7 Miles- Holy Trees down all over the place
Wed- 8 Miles Core Creek
Thrusday- 5 Miles Core Creek
FRi- 3 Miles Core Creek
Sat- 7 Miles Core Creek
Sun Off

Weekly- 30 Miles
Novemeber- 15 Miles

First week back where I hit 30 miles. Such a meaningful Milestone. More to come soon!
A New Beginning

So it has been over a year since I have been able to call my self healthy. I've been struggling with Plantar Demon Spawn Fasciatis since Sept of 2011 and I think I may have finally turned the corner. This past month I was able to get in over 80 miles of running without and increase of pain in my foot. It feels incredible to be able to write that sentence. I am in no way healed but just being able to get back on the trails is a great feeling. I don't like running at Core Creek but that's where I've been. I've been told that keeping the hills to a minimum is important so Core Creek is the place to be around here for that. At the same time thought I'm reminded of how many times I've gone back to Core Creek when recovering from an injury. This place has served me well over the years reminding me that either a) you're still injured, take it easy, or b) looks like you're ok, go find some hills! While I haven't experienced b yet, I look forward to the day I can leave Core Creek behind to find me some mountains. For now i'm just happy to be running again, even at this low distances and lack of elevation.

Hat Run Lottery Here I COME!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 2th- 8th

Mon- 11 miles bike 1.5 speek hike
Tues- 11 miles bike 1 mile speed hike new pr 14:10
Wed- 13 miles bike
Thurs- 4 miles in langhorne
Fri- off
Sat- 4 miles at Nesh- As many hils as possible in 4 miles.
Sun- off

Heel still feels the same. The same as ever. Go away!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hat Run Race Report

Each and every race I've run has had it's own set of circumstance that has made it unique and memorable. Holiday Lake was covered in 8 inches of snow, Blue Cruise was my first Top 10 finish, MMTR my first 50 miler, not to mention struggling through PF and Hip Bursitis just to finish, and Hat Run 2012 was no diffent. The run up to this race has been so very different than any race prior.

Having really messed myself up running MMTR with too many injuries, my one and only goal was to be able to run HAT with my former soccer players Wayne Peiffer and Dave Simon. I had no idea how long I'd have to rest and heal for the injuries to pass but around Jan 1st I was very concerned I would not be able to run. Luckily around that same time the pain in my feet and hips began to go away and I was able to train with both Dave and Wayne for about 4 weeks. While I only was able to put in about 25 miles a week this training was crucial to maintaining the strength my legs would need for HAT. After those 4 weeks the PF in my left foot began acting up again so my training became almost exclusively biking for the month of March.

However, on race day I was still very excited to spend the days on the trails. Dave Simon had pulled out of the race, but Wayne was still in. Another guy from PBU, Dave Rogers, that had been on the wait list had gotten into the race so we all drove down together. The ride down was good. We talked strategy and race prep. This was going to be the first Ultra for both of them so obviously there was a lot to cover.

All seemed to be going well until it started raining. For me this was great! I love running in the rain and I knew that if the course became a huge mud pit that would only increase the uniqueness of the experience for myself and other racers. Wayne however did not have the same reaction. As we sat in the car pre-race listening to the rain pound the roof of my car he made it very clear that he was not looking forward to spending the day dirty and wet. Oh well, this might not have been what he signed up for but hey it's an Ultra. Did he expect it to be easy :-)

The race began. Wayne, Dan and I all started together. Hat run has a unique start. Everyone lines up across a very wide area and crosses a grass field before looping around the Start/Finish area for a bit until you get to a trailhead. By the time Wayne and I were about 2 miles in we did not know where dan was but we knew he'd be ok. He had come on a 20 mile run with us about 3 weeks earlier on a very hilly trail and though he struggled he wouldn't quit.

The first few miles of the race are always fun. No one's tired yet and the conversations are good and fun. We ran into Gregg Holst, another runner from Bucks county, who informed us that this race was like a party on trails. He was right, at least for the first 15 miles. We ran, and talked and enjoyed the nice single track. Coming back through the S/F we saw Wayne girlfriend and parents who had come to help cheer him on. We continued on for the first of two 14 miles loops in good sprits. In all honesty the first 17 miles or so were pretty relaxed and easy. As we came out onto the field that brings you to the S/F for the 3rd time I think Wayne had a problem.

Hamstring cramp and it wouldn't go away. Though we had run about 95% of the trail so far we had to walk into the S/F. I was pretty worried at this point. I was feeling fine but I remembered back to Mahlon Mayhen, and Blues Cruise where basically I spent the last 10 miles just trying to fight off cramps all over. Knowing that this was a real possibility for Wayne I made sure he drank almost 40oz of water and gatorade and even made him eat 2 bananas (he really hates bananas). This seemed to work really well and he would have basically no cramp issues for the remainder of the race.

So we began the second 14 mile lap. Basically this lap was all about keeping enjoying the trails. I knew my feet are going to be giving me problems for a long time so this may have been the last race for me this year, who knows, which meant I really wanted to enjoy those last 14 miles. And I really did. The conversatin between Wayne and I was short and sweet. I was wide awake but he had begun to settle into the "one foot in front of the other" mantra, and was soley focussed on finishing the race. I had been there before but not today. I really love the trails for this race. So much single track. It was great. I must say I was very happy to find french fries and perogies at the final 2 adie stations. I love deep fried food during an Ultra. Go figure right.

The final mile of the course was very very muddy. We had run down the road and began the "final hill," which was more like 3 hills but I think it's better to combine them into one long hill with multiple sections :-). At this point I knew our race was basically over and that we would soon be dining on  whatever BBQ was awaiting us at the S/F, however the trails had one last trick to play on Wayne. Coming down a hill with about 500yds to go he slipped on the mud and his legs started cramping again. I can imagine his pain having run so far and having been so close and then to have a little slip bring so much discomfort. This forced us into a bit of a walk but we were still able to run the whole field to the finish. We were greeted by his paraents and GF and everyone was all smiles.

Standing at the S/F after a race is great. You get to watch people come in and the joy on their faces is contagious. Everyone is happy. Everyone shares their stories. It's just a great place to hang out. We all stood around watching for Dan knowing that he was out there struggling through his final miles. Seeing him coming across the field was a joy. Knowing how much effort he had put in and the satisfaction he'd feel crossing the line reminded me why I do these races and why I bug everyone I know to get involved. Even if it's just coming to a race to cheer on your friends the experience changes you. I hope Dan and Wayne have been changed. I hope they take what they've accomplished as use it as inspiration to push themselves to greater things in all area of their lives. And I hope I do the same.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 26th- Apr 1st

Mon- 6 miles bike
Tues- 10 miles bike
Wed- 5 miles bike 1 Mile Speed hike
Thurs- 10 miles bike
Fri-10 miles bike
Sat- 11 miles bike 1.5 miles hike/run
Sun- OFfish

Well for the week after an Ultra I did get alot of cardio in. Felt good to be on the bike and to get some elevation in on the treadmill. For some reason I find it fun to put the treadmill at 15% incline and just see how long/fast I can go. Good times.

Year- Run - 245 mile run.

Feb 27th-Mar 4th

Mon- 12 Miles Bike
Tues- 12 Miles Bike
Wed- 12 Miles Bike
Thurs- OFF
Fri- OFF
Sat- 20 Miles Run! Boom. Yea I shouldn't have done this honestly. My feet and my hips both hurt pretty bad on FRiday but the opportunity to run 20 miles just couldn't be passed up. Went great.
Sun- Off

Monday, March 26, 2012

MArch 18th-25th

Mon- Off
Tues- 5 miles neshaminy
Wed- Off
Thurs-2 miles Run
Fri- 6 miles bike
Sat- Hat Run! 31 miles Run!

Year- 243 miles running. Slowly but surely. So far behind my goal but that's ok at this point.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 12th-18th

Mon- 7 miles Neshaminy in the dark!
Tues- 5 miles Core Creek
Wed- 7 miles Neshaminy- So hot....for March. Seriously exhausted today. 4 days of running in a row and the arches feel ok. Fingers crossed.
Sat-3 miles running
Sun- Off

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 5th-11th

Mon- 12 Miles Bike
Tues- 12 Miles Bike
Wed- OFf
Thurs- 12 Miles Bike
Fri- Off
Sat- Off
Sun- 5 miles Core Creek

Sick most of this week. Feet hurt. Sick of that. Time to head back to the DR.

Total- 5 run
Bike 36- Bike- But fast!

Year- 181 Run
Bike- who cares.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 20th-26th

Mon- 7.2 miles at Core Creek- 57:57 With Adam. Run was good. Some foot and hip pain again. Seems like every run ends with pain these days. Kinda Frustrating but still running so it's good I guess.
Tues- 14 miles! 1:53:44 Only 30 seconds off my record for this course. Wasn't planning on that, just kinda happened. Got horrible blisters thought. Not sure why that is. I never had this problem before. The shoes maybe?
Wed- 5.5 miles bike 3 miles on treadmill- Felt pain in my foot today. Kinda worried about that. Took it easy but still got in 1200ft of vert over 2 miles.
Thurs- 5.2 Core Creek 42:35 2 Miles treadmill 1000ft Vert
Fri- 10 miles bike 1.2 miles treadmill. Had to shut it down. Right arch was risks.

AHHH Arch pain is back in full force. Seriosusly depressing. I thought I was maybe looking at a 40 mile week with no pain but by Thursday that was all but destoyed. Rested the weekend. Thinking about needing to take the next month off....go back to the doctor maybe? Who knows. Very Frustrating to say the least. It's been almost 6 months now. This is easily the longest I've ever had one single injury and I am at a low point in the rehab. I don't see light at the end of the tunnel. But....maybe i'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 13th-19th

Mon- 7 miles with dave at nesh 58:08
Tues- 5 miles Core Creek 42min
Wed- Rest
Thurs- 7 miles with Wayne 55:55
Fri- Rest- Serious pain in my right hip. Very odd
Sat- 2 miles in Scranton. Found some very cools hill trails in the middle of Suburbia.
Sun- 3.5 miles. Same trails. Loved the cold weather.

Had an ok week. Very busy week actually. Had my good friend Donnel's wedding on Saturday night up in Scranton. Was really good to see friends from High School that I haven't seen in a really long time. This being said I'm happy to be back in Philly. Hoping to get in at lest 40 miles of running next week.

Week- 25ish miles
Year- 113 miles - So far behind my yearly goal.....uh oh

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 6th-12th

Mon- 10 miles bike
       - 3 miles treadmill

Tues- 12 miles at Baldpate with Wayne. Took 1hr38min. Not bad. Still feeling good.
       -11 miles bike

Wed- 11 milles bike
       - 2 miles treadmill

Thurs- 5 miles trail
         - 11 miles bike

Fri- 11 miles bike
     - 2 treadmill

Sat- 7 miles neshaminy trails 55:44
     - 11 miles bike

Sun- Rest.

Best week in a very long time. Slowly feeling stronger and stronger. Next week will be pretty busy. So i may take it easy. I can't push it too hard too soon. The worst thing would be for me to push things too fast. Still feeling good though.

Week- 31 Run   64 Bike
Year- 88 miles run  -250 bike

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Wishes

I don't have a bunch of things that I want for my birthday but for those of you who like to buy people gifts and want to make sure it's something I like here ya go.

I would like this DVD. Go figure
Always love wool running socks.
Doesn't have to be this exact pair but I do need calf sleeves
Who doesn't love these!
Big Fan of THIS!
OOOOH love this one too

Happy Birthday to me

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jan 30th - Feb5th

Mon - 2 miles treadmill
         -10 mile bike

Tues - 12 miles Baldpate with Wayne. Felt really good for most of this. Was pain free afterward which is the most important thing at this point. Optimism?

Wed - 2 miles treadmill- tired from yesterday. Baby steps.
        - 10 miles on bike
        No pain when I work up. Optimism is setting in. Gotta take it slowly though. No big jumps in mileage.

Thur- 10 miles bike
        - 1 mile speed walk

Fri- 10 miles bike

Sat- 7 miles at Neshaminy- Felt so weak. Took 58 minutes bleh!

Sun- Off

Seriously this is the best week I've had in almost 4 months as far as pain goes. I think i've rounded the corner here with these injuries and an finally train for real again. Slow and steady for sure. Shooting for around 30+ miles of running next week.

Week- 24 miles run 40 miles bike

Year- 57- miles run 186- bike

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 23rd-29th

Mon- 12 miles with Dave. Not much pain. The morning will be the real test

Tues- 10 miles on the bike. Knee is very tight

Wed- 5 miles on the bike
        - 3 miles treadmill 900ft

Thurs- 11 miles on the bike
         - 1 mile 800ft elevation

Fri- 10 miles on bike
     - 2 miles treadmill

Sat- 5 miles Trail

Sun- Off

Not sure what to say. It felt great to get out and run more often this week than any time over the last 4 months but I don't want to get too excited. Last night, Sunday night, at work my right hip was screaming at me and both my feet were throbbing and then by 11pm all that pain was gone. It's so strange. So that makes for 23 miles of running this week and 36 miles on the bike. Not bad.

Total for year

33- miles Run

146- miles Bike

Monday, January 23, 2012

So Far So Good

Well 2012 hasn't gotten off to a rockin start but its hasn't been horrible either.

Got in 60 miles on a stationary bike and 4 miles on a treadmill with about 2,500 feet of elevation. Nothing spectacular but it's a start.

Saw a doctor on Friday. He suggested I start running in a 4mm drop shoes, which I have, and that I use arch support insoles. Honestly I'm not convinced this will do any real good. I've been wearing arch supports for works and haven't had any real improvement in 4 months. Next week I'd like to get in a least 20 miles on trail. Hopefully some of that will be over in Jersey with Wayne or Dave. Their race is coming soon. D day is coming up for me as well. If this next week of training goes well I may still run HAT. I'm optimistic but realistic. The last time I put in more than 10 miles I had bad hip and foot pain. So I honestly don't expect next week to be much different.

Miles for year
Run - 10
Bike - 110

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The last four months for me have been nothing short of a roller coaster. Trying to manage 4 injuries while still running two ultras has taken a serious toll on my body. Since MMTR I haven't gone a single day with pain in my hips. I can't sit for more than 30 minutes, I can't stand for more than an hour (which is tough because I work on my feet), and any running or biking has only made these pains worse. 4 months of icing twice a day, rehab exercises, and time on the couch has taken it's toll on my patience. I am in bad place mentally but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

2 years ago my wife and I made the decision for her to start a full-time PHD program overseas. She wanted to continue teaching full-time as well which meant that my work,school, and hobby life needed to be adjusted. So while she became a full-time PHD student and a full-time professor, I became a part-time Starbucks employee, a part-time soccer coach, a part-time Philosophy MA Student, a part-time household manager, and a part-time Ultra-runner. This system has worked out very well for us until that last 2 months. 

Soccer season ended, the school semester ended, and my running basically stopped altogether in the first week of november. This left a significant hole in my weekly schedule that I have yet to fill. I'd love to say that I've dealt with this transition well but honestly I haven't. I've become much more irritable and short with people. I don't like this. Patience is a virtue I am still cultivating. So for those of you've I've been short with I apologize. 

Today, I hope, marks a turning point in my recovery. I'm going to see a physical therapist this afternoon. Praying for some help there. I'm also going to see a doctor tomorrow. I hate the idea of dropping a few hundred bucks on X-Rays or an MRI but at this point I see no other option. I've tried everything I can on my own and I have decided that's not enough. I do recognize however that it may still be a long time before I'm back on the trails. This is sobering information but I can't ignore it. Patience Patience Patience.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 1

Ran a total of 10 miles on the treadmill and 28 miles on a stationary bike. No pain in my feet til Saturday and Sunday and it was pretty bad those days. Took the weekend off. Try again next week.

Looking to add more elevation into the treadmill workouts.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Goals

The New Year is upon us! Which means a new year of running goals.

Having been able to run everyday this week, on a treadmill however, without any increased pain in either my feet or my hips, my mood has significantly increased. That being the case, I began seriously considering what my goals are for this year. This is what I have so far.

1) Run 2000 Miles -166 miles a month, 5.5 miles a day
2) Complete Hat Run with Dave and Wayne without hurting myself.
3) Break 4:30 at Blues Cruise in October
4) Run the PA section of the Appalachian Trail this summer
5) Get one guy from my Mantrip crew to sign up and complete an Ultra this year.

Running 2000 miles will be difficult. Given that I'm injured right now I'll be starting the year in a hole but hopefully I'll be able to shake this and get back to covering some serious ground very soon.

Running with Dave and Wayne at HAT is seriously in jeopardy right now. I'm certain that I could train through the pain but I'm sick of doing that. I need to be very careful over the next 2 months to make sure I can continue training without making my hip and feet any worse. I really really want to run with these guys though. I've coached them for the last four years and being able to run their first race with them would be such a great experience. Worse case scenario I'll just crew for them but I'd sure love to run it instead.

Blue Cruise! Man I want to run well at that race next year. Coming within 9 seconds of breaking 4:30 last year was great and at the same time 4:29 would have been so much cooler. This year I want to crush my PR there. I just like the race a lot. Not crazy about the swag but the race itself is great. It's almost 100% single track. That's hard to find. Maybe this year Justin Braley won't bail and we can go out to the race together.

Ok, Appalachian Trail run. I think that running the trail in it's entirety is one of the great accomplishments any trail runner would love to completed. While I plan on attempting that for myself somewhere around 2016 I figured I could start getting to know the trail this summer. This plan still has a lot of logistical problems but hopefully it'll happen. I'm thinking that maybe myself, Chris Palladino, and a few BCRR guys could run the PA section with one of our friends crewing for us. It shouldn't take more than 5 days and would be a lot of fun I think.

Getting someone from Mantrip to run an Ultra this year might be tough. Justin is probably the most likely  of them all but there's hope for Charlie and Wade as well. Fogarty signed up for one.....but that didn't work out. All of these guys have been very supportive of me and my transition into ultrarunning and I would love to do the same for them. Last year a few of us got to run down a mountain trail together and it was just fantastic. None of them consider themselves runners at this point but the thought of possibly getting them all into the sport so that we could all travel around and race together.......that just sounds so awesome. We'll see!