Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ultra Runner of the Year 2012

Though I'm still relatively new to the ultrarunning scene I believe I have followed race result for the 2012 as close as most people and want to weigh in on the coveted, although baised towards the wester hemisphere, ultra runner of the year award. Better know as UROY2012. With the increase of events and publicity, especially on the more prestigious events of the year, this year will be surely be tough to pick just one male runner. The female race will be won by Ellie GReendwood i'm not sure if anyone has to debate that. However the men's competition will be between 3 men as far as I'm concerned.
 #1 Timothy Olsen
Tim started of the year will steller performances at the Bandera, Lake Sonoma, Where's Waldo, and of course his record setting performance at Western States. While in years past this would easily have him as the easy frontrunner this year he'll be getting more competition. Tim Also had a strong showing at Run Rabit Run, but for me a 3rd place performance against a less than steller field, no insult to Karl or Dylan, doesn't do much for you as far as rounding out the year goes.

 #2 Hal Koerner
Hal had an excellent year as well. Starting off the year with a win at Rocky Racoon was nice. He built on that with his win at Hardrock. His time was excellent, the field was deep, and the times for the top 3 would have won many years in the past. Hal also has a 50 mile will at a North Face event, not a great time or event itself but it still speaks to his versitlity. For me he need another win before the end of the year.
#3 Mike Morton
Mr. Darkhorse. Many had forgotten about him but he burst back on the scene last year. This year he's been even better. This year Mike won 3, 100 miles race, Almost broke the course record as Badwater, and broke the american record for most mile in 24hrs. Mike has perfected the art of running for a long long time very quickly. Most of the top americans don't even bother running 24hr races. So kudos to Mike for even going for the 24hr record and getting it is just the extra. Oh and by the way he ran his 3 100 milers in under 13:30 for each. The man can run!

Honorable Mentions
Dakota Jones- Transculvania Win, Hardrock 3rd Place
Karl Meltzer- Winner RRR100 Win, Grindstone 100 Win and Course Record.

The Winner Is!
 For me the win goes to Mike Morton. The 24hr record really does it for me. All 3 guys had a great years but for me Mike accomplishments top all. The important thing for me though is that if Hal or Tim win the NF50 they will probably overtake Mike. I'm assuming Tim and Hal will be running and that Mike will be in Florida or something. So for me Tim and Hal need to win or this year it's all MIKE MORTON.

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