Monday, December 31, 2012

Week Ending 12-30

Mon- 7 Miles at nesh. Ran in the mornig for the first time in a long time. I paid dearly for not havig eaten anything beforhand. 60 minuts almost.
Tues- 7 Miles at Nesh- 54:10 Much better today. Felt alot of energy in final 3 miles. Great t have this run after yesterday's failure.
Wed- 4 core creek with my brother!
Thurs- 5.3 core creek with my wife and brother. Good times.
Fri- 11.5 new trail in NJ .5 with brother
Sat- 7 miles in snow! Love snow running.
Sun- 2 miles on road.

Week- 43
Dec- 153 yea!

Christmas and New Years almost in the same week.  Not much to share. I think I'll have to revisit my goals for 2012 after I post this. I think I missed on almost all of them. Here's to a healthy 2013.

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