Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rest Week

Mon- 4 miles at 15% on the treadmill almost all walking. 3107ft of elevation took 1hr
          3 Core Creek with Bryan
          1 Soccer at night
Tues- 4 miles at 15% Alternated run/walk 1 mile each 3208 ft of gain. Tennis after. So sore.
Wed- 7 Neshaminy
Thurs- 3 Treadmills 1,800ft elevation
           5 Neshaminy with Adam, slow.
Fri- 7 Treadmill workout. Killer workout actually. 1 mile jog (7 min), 1 mile sub 6(5:50), rest .25, 1 mile at 15% incline, .25 rest and repeat. Got this sucker done in 59:50. First time I've been able to do it in under an Hr. My thinking is next time I'll make the "Jog" miles slower so as the make the 15% incline miles touhger, ie I'll have to run them faster to make up for the lost time on the jog mile.
Sat-3.5 with Bryan at core creek. 2.5 with Brenda
Sun- 4 miles with Brenda at Neshaminy 3 by myself

Good week. Killer elevation gain. Over 10,000.  I call it Hellgate training :-)

Week- 47
Aug- 72
Year- 1544

Wife- 22

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Ends and August Begins

Mon- 5 Treadmill 43:30 and 7 at Neshaminy 55:35 Ankle feels better.
Tues- 7 Treadmill 52:26 7 Neshaminy 54:04 Ankle still better.
Wed- 16 Core Creek after work. Very slow. 8 more on the treadmill. 300 YEA!
Thurs- Yea I took the day off.
Fri- 10 at Neshaminy. First five 39:40 second five 44:02
Sat- 5 Core Creek with my Wife 51:42 3 Hill in Langhorne in the PM
Sun- 7 Neshaminy

Wierd week. Felt great to get to 300. I really didn't think I'd be able to but for some reason wednesday just went great from start to finish. Coming into august I'm a bit concerned. I really need to pick up my hill work and distance work. I've been doing so many double runs that I haven't strung together and 20+ miler since May. Not good. Time to hit the hills and longer runs before the semsester and soccer start. Hellgate is coming soon!

Week- 75
July- 300 New Record!
Aug- 25
Year- 1497

Blues Cruise 2014 Training
Wife- 20

Friday, August 2, 2013

Post Mantrip Week

Mon- 12 Miles Whiteface Mountain ascent from Lake Placid, connect to Lookout Mountain, Esther Mountain our and back, then Marble Mountain.
Tues- 8.5 Core Creek (Finished the Final 5 in 39:44) First sub 40 minute loop in awhile.
Wed- 7.5 Loops in Langhorne plus a 20:09 3 miler in the Cairn Gym
Thurs- 7 Neshaminy 49:45 Fastest loop there in a long time
Fri- 11 Bladpate modified loop due to overgrowth 1:25:45 PR of Sorts 5 Treadmill 2 with wife in Langhorne (Right Posterior Tibial Tendinitis Came back today)
Sat- 5 Neshaminy (Slow and Painful) 8 Core Creek
Sun- 4 With Brenda in Langhorne

Great run in the mountains on monday. Was excited to get to do that run all week. Still 50 miles short of 300. Likely not going to make it. We'll see.

Week- 69
July- 250
Year- 1422

Mantrip Week. (Rest Week of Sorts)

Mon- 7 Miles at core creek. Another Scorcher. This heat must let up.
Tues- 5 Core Creek
Wed- 4 Miles in the Adirondacks
Thurs- 4 Miles Adirondacks
Fri- 6 Miles Adirondacks
Sat- 0
Sun- 3 Miles Adirondacks

Week-29 Miles
July- 181
Year- 1353