Monday, February 25, 2013

PR Week

Mon- 8-Core Creek 59:06 3-Miles Treadmill two stints of 15% incline for 1/2 a mile.
Tues- 7 NHS 54:10- Legs felt heavy form the hill workout the night before
Wed- 14 NHS NEW PR! 1hr 45min 18sec. Cold cold cold. Felt great until the last 2.5 miles. Took almost 8 minutes off my last PR. First look was around 51:30, second loop was around 54. Felt really good to break this record.
Thurs- 8 Core Creek 1hr 7 min. Heavy legs from the first 100yds to the end
Fri- 3 core core, 3 treadmill 2 Road. Triple threat day.
Sat- 7 miles NHS. So muddy, no time.
Sun- 3 miles NHS Slow, Tired.

Week- 58
Feb- 156
Year- 336

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rest and Return

Mon- 2.5 Treadmill, Hating this treadmill crap, but it's helpful. I always feel likeI need to be going fast. An 8min mile on trail is fine, and the same on a treamill feels like a waste of time. Odd
Tues- 6.2 miles At Bald Pate. Serious Achilles pain.
Wed- Rest- Hip exercises
Thurs- Rest- 10 miles, core work
Fri- 2.1 miles Rd
Sat- 3 miles NHS
Sun- 3.2 Miles RD

Week- 16 Miles
Feb- 98 Miles
Year- 278 Miles

Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybe 60? Yes Sir!

First week over 60 miles in over a yr and 1/2. Such a good feeling. The first half of the week made the 2nd half easy. Now I can rest up this week. Phew.

Mon- 5.3 alone at CC in 40:28 then another 5.3 with wade 50minute. Then 4 on a treadmill.
Tues- 8 CC 1:03:50 My legs were so dead. No energy whatsoever. Didn't crash but was seriously nursing it the whole time.
Wed- 10 at Neshaminy 1:19:25 Not bad. Finished with a 7:30 mile, was probably the fastest mile of the whole run. 2.5 on the treadmill at night 19:50, nice and easy recovery run.
Thurs- 5.3 Core Creek + 4.2 Langhorne
Fri- 7 Neshaminy 52:10
Sat- 6 Core Creek. In the SNOW! Hipflexor pain to come for sure.
Sun- 4.5 All treadmill

Week- 62!
2013- 262

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ending 2-3-13

Mon- 8 miles Core Creek 60:31. Felt so slow and sick today. Cold, Wet, Hated it. Arch started hurting like 5 days ago. Bad sign. 3 miles soccer.
Tues- Rest Day, Knee feels very weak and painful
Wed- 7 Miles Neshaminy 59:30 Lots of walking, totally muddy everywhere. It was hot and miserable. Bleh
Thurs- 7 Miles Neshaminy 52:45. So much better than yesterday. Achilles hurts, arch isn't great.
Fri- 2 miles in the morning on the road in the snow. Saw snow and had to go for a quick one. 8 in the afternoon slow.
Sat- 7 at neshaminy 56:18
Sun- 3 at Core Creek, nice and slow. Seems to be a trend these days.

Week- 45
Jan- 180 Boom!
2012- 200
Miles Per Day Average- 5.88