Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week Ending 11-11 SNOW!

One day it'll snow like this again in Philadelphia. That'll be a good day.

Mon- 8 Core Creek 61minutes
Tues- OFF- FEet killing me.
Wed- 5.3 Core Creek 40:30- Down tree mostly cleared. New sections add 20+ seconds. I waited as long as I could for the snow to start falling! It was great. Last year I was onlt able to run in th snow once. Total winter running buzzkill. Early snow this year has me pumped for what might be ahead. Bring on the white stuff!
Thurs- 2.1 Hills in Langhorne- Feet Still bad
Fri- 2 Langhorne Hills- Feet feeling better but this is my 4th light day in a row. Bleh
Sat- 5.3 Core Creek- First trail run for Justin Nolan. Struggled but pulled through
Sun- OFF

All in all this was supposed to be a rest week but I messed up my plan by have 38 miles in 7 days when I only wanted 30. My feet were very sore from that so I had to take the middle of the week very easy. Feeling PF stuff more regulary now. Might mean I need to return for more Shockwave treatment. That being said, there's still very little tingling and the pain is very dull and managable for now.

Week- 22 miles
November- 37 miles

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