Monday, February 6, 2012

Jan 30th - Feb5th

Mon - 2 miles treadmill
         -10 mile bike

Tues - 12 miles Baldpate with Wayne. Felt really good for most of this. Was pain free afterward which is the most important thing at this point. Optimism?

Wed - 2 miles treadmill- tired from yesterday. Baby steps.
        - 10 miles on bike
        No pain when I work up. Optimism is setting in. Gotta take it slowly though. No big jumps in mileage.

Thur- 10 miles bike
        - 1 mile speed walk

Fri- 10 miles bike

Sat- 7 miles at Neshaminy- Felt so weak. Took 58 minutes bleh!

Sun- Off

Seriously this is the best week I've had in almost 4 months as far as pain goes. I think i've rounded the corner here with these injuries and an finally train for real again. Slow and steady for sure. Shooting for around 30+ miles of running next week.

Week- 24 miles run 40 miles bike

Year- 57- miles run 186- bike

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