Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trying to Rest. Week ending 12-23

Mon- Soccer game- 3 miles. Won 11-3 boom.
Tues- 3 Miles with My Wife, Chris, and Justin at Core Creek. Nice and Slow
Wed- 2 Miles Langhorne Hills- Soccer game at 11pm- 3 miles. Other team didn't show, punks. Split up our team and played for 40 minutes or so.
Thurs- 5 Miles Langhorne hills....slow and steady. Hate running the road.
Fri- 7 Miles Neshaminy 55min! Love this course. Glad to run it again.
Sat- 5 miles Langhorne hills
Sun- Rest

Well the rest week went as planned I think. The friday 7 miler was a bit of a push but ultimately 55 minutes on that loop isn't fast. It's about 6 minutes off my PR which is almost a mile a minute slower than PR pace. So it was kinda a rest run. Ran a few times with my wife which is a joy. Cold weather and snow potentially next week. Very exciting. Haven't had to wear gloves or real cold weather gear yet this year. Maybe next week.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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