Monday, December 10, 2012

This is 40, Almost Week ending 12-9

38 miles this week! I haven't run this many mile in one week since my last, and only, 50 miler last November. Such a good feeling to get back near 40 miles. That being said, what a roller coaster week. Feet killed me on tuesday and wednesday, my hips were really bugging me second half of the week. Might just be growing pains getting back to consistent  high mileage weeks. Today I feel good. Planning on another 40 miles week this week before I take next week to rest...ish....

Mon- 5.3 in 40:15 nice jog at CC + Soccer game at night 3 miles

Tuesday- 6 Ish miles at CC 49:45 do sluggish.

Wed- 3.2 miles Neshaminy. Had to abort at 3 miles. Feet hurt and hips hurt. First abandoned run in a long time. Very depressing.

Thurs- 4.5 Treadmill miles, also known as the worst type of miles ever. Maybe not bad if i'm doing hill work on the treadmill but just straight running is painful. Foot felt bettter but still much worse than 2 weeks ago. Caught a bunch of the Turin vs Juve game on the Bein network. Still upset that they have the right to most of the US soccer World Cup Qualifiers. ARG!

Fri- 8 miles Core Creek 60:58 minutes. Wet and cold, that's how I felt. My feelings happened to match the weather. Feet felt ok today. Hips were a bit of an issue. Still much better than wednesday

Sat- 8 miles Core Creek 59:50 Same course as yesterday, foot and hips both felt better than yesterday. Encouraging.

Sun- off. Woke up. Right hip was very achy. Not sure what's goin on there.

Week- 38 miles
Dec- 40.2

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