Monday, November 19, 2012

Week Ending 11-18 Doing some Pre-Thanksgiving workouts

Mon- 13 Miles Core Creek! Boom. Ran the first 8 in a 2012 PR for this course 61:20. The next 5 miles were painful, tired, and my foot was not right but I really wanted to get 13 for some reason. Shooting for 30+ this week. That's a good start as long as getting out of bed tomorrow isn't extremely painful. Fingers Crossed.

Tues- 3.2 Miles at core creek. Slight pain and tingling in foot. Nothing to be alarmed about. Foot felt schockingly good this morning when I woke up. Trying to maintain a steady optimism.

Wed- 5.4 core creek- light day

Thurs- 6.1 Miles Core Creek with Justin Nolan- Felt good. Not tire really. Still thinking about taking it easy the next few days.

Fri- 5.3 in 37:22 So close to my PR on this course. 26 seconds off to be exact. Stomach bothered me from about the 1st mile on. Legs felt good. Foot is a bit tingly right now but that's ok I think.

Sat- 3 miles at Neshaminy. Very heavy legs from yesterday.

Sun- Rest

Week- 33
November- 70

OK Check out this "tree." Was running with Palladino the other day behind Neshaminy High School when I noticed a tree was not in the right place. The problem was that this tree was obviously very thick and was stuck deep in the ground. I was confused for a few second and then I looked up and saw that this was actully not a tree but a huge branch that broke off an even bigger tree that had fallen and stuck into the ground straight up. So if you're looking straight ahead it looks like 50yr old tree. Once you scan your eyes up you realize it's just a huge broken branch that dropped from 50ft or so and stuck into the ground. Kinda crazy the things that happen during storms. The first picture is of the branch from ground level. The second is the tree the branch fell from.

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