Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 23rd-29th

Mon- 12 miles with Dave. Not much pain. The morning will be the real test

Tues- 10 miles on the bike. Knee is very tight

Wed- 5 miles on the bike
        - 3 miles treadmill 900ft

Thurs- 11 miles on the bike
         - 1 mile 800ft elevation

Fri- 10 miles on bike
     - 2 miles treadmill

Sat- 5 miles Trail

Sun- Off

Not sure what to say. It felt great to get out and run more often this week than any time over the last 4 months but I don't want to get too excited. Last night, Sunday night, at work my right hip was screaming at me and both my feet were throbbing and then by 11pm all that pain was gone. It's so strange. So that makes for 23 miles of running this week and 36 miles on the bike. Not bad.

Total for year

33- miles Run

146- miles Bike


  1. Time to switch to'd make a hell of a time trialist

  2. Dude, that would be cool. Can't wait for the tour!