Monday, April 29, 2013


Mon14 New PR at Neshaminy 1:40:54 Boom! First lap 52:00 Second lap 49:54.
          3 on the Treadmill. 1 flat, 1.5 @15%, .5 flat. 34:05
Tues- 8 Core Creek 59:50 Exhausted
Wed- 11.5 Ran to Neshaminy from my house, ran the loops an ran back 1:35:13. Then 3.5 with Bryan at Core Creek.
Thur- 3 Treadmill 1, flat 1.5 15%, .5 Flat 34:12 and 5.2 at core creek 44ish
Fri- 8 Core Creek 1:04:24 Tired, but ok. Baldpate Mountain tomorrow!
Sat- 12 Baldpate. Complete Success! 1:37:15 I felt great. Loved the hills. Palladino struggled but he had run 9 in the morning so you know. Great to feel strong runnning "long" hills.  4, Treamill 35:20
Sun- Slow 5 Miler are Core Creek, Rest needed.

Busy Week. Long Week. Broke 3 Records!
-Neshaminy 14 Miler Record (1:40:54)
-Total Weekly Miles Record (77)
-Total Monthly Miles Record (225, Still have 2 more days)

Week- 77
Year- 759

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest Week, April Style

Mon- 3.5 Core Creek with Bryan, 31:30 Great kick at the end
Tues- 5.2 Core Creek 38:50 Good strong finish. Started real slow. Right achillles still achy.
Wed- 7 NHS 52ish minutes 3 Treadmill
Thurs- 8 Core Creek 59ish minutes
Fri- 6.2 Core Creek.
Sat- 4.1 Slow
Sun- Off, sore and tired.

Horrible rest week. Achy and tired all week. No hills....bleh. Still set up nicely for a 200 mile month though.

Semi-Direct Quotes from Bryan this week "Tim, I just want to run and enjoy runnning." "I'm feeling that runners high." "So no running today huh, bummer"

Week- 37
Month- 148
Year- 682

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep it going

Mon- 7 at Nesh- Horrible Run 3 on treadmill .25 flat .75 15% x3
Tues- 3 on Treadmill at night .5 flat, 1.5 15% incline, .5 flat 32 minutes
Wed- 10 Nesh. 1:25:14 holy hot and horrible run. 3 treadmill Speedworkish stuff 22:05
Thurs- 11 Core Creek (First 8 by myself 1:02:00, next 3 with Bryan) 3 treamill (Sluggish)
Fri- 5 treadmill. Hip flexor pain today. Pretty bad.
Sat- 10 Neshaminy 1:16:45- So Tired. Rest week is close.
Sun- 3 Core Creek, So sore, so tired, So weak. Right ankle, hipflexor, achilles were very bothersome. Endede this run short.

Not a bad week. Had a few bad days (Tues, Fri, Sun). But hey, almost 60 miles is a good week. Was really needing the rest week though. My right legs, ankle, hip etc was really bugging me. Sunday's outing was very painful and I felt like I was running injured. Good news thought,  no PF pain in the left foot. Still crazy to me that I walked around with stupid tingling in that foot for over a year. So thankful that at least I've had a few months without that pain.

Week- 58
April- 111
Year- 645

Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting the 200 Mile Month

Mon- 10 Mile Neshaminy 7 with Chris
Tues- 6 at Nesh by myself 5 with Justin, He's coming along nicely
Wed- 7 at Nesh 49:50 + 3 31:45 treadmill. Hillwork day. Sprinted all hills at Nesh. The 3 miles were .5 flat .5 15% 3x. Not bad. Achilles hurt and right knee.
Thurs- 3.5 with Bryan at Core Creek, 5.2 At Core Creek with Nolan 49:20
Fri- Achilles pain!bleh! Day Off.
Sat- 1 Mile warm up in the morning. Achilles felt ok.
       7 Mile Neshaminy NEW PR 47:14 (Ran the course in reverse though. I think the reverse loop is easier/faster) 
Sun- 5 at Nesh- Very tired

New Neshaminy PR was the highlight of the week. Still felt some achilles pain. No major news.

Week- 53
Month- 53
Year- 587

Monday, April 1, 2013

Recovery Week

Mon- 15 minutes on the Bike .25 mile run. Top of my foot still kills. Not sure what that's about
Tues- 20 Minutes on bike. Jogged up and down the stairs. The 1.5 miles on the Eliptical Feeling better. Didn't test the foot today.
Wed- 3 miles core creek, 15 minutes biking. 2 miles eliptical.
Thurs- 5.2 core creek 38:50. Not bad considering. 15 minutes biking
Fri- 3.2 Core Creek
Sat- 10.5 White Clay Creek Park in Deleware. Great park. Great run.
Sun- Rest

This was actually a really great recovery week. No major pain or problems getting around. Had the normal issue with stairs the first few days but not much beyond that. The 166 miles for march was a bit of a bummer but considering the whole month was built around HAT I'd say the month was a success. Saturday was a great day. Ran with Justin and Talladay on some great trails. Matt had never run that far before and her did great. We had a great time planning out how will will survive the Laurel Highlands relay we are signing up for in June. Go team "Misplaced Optimism"!

Week- 22
Month- 166
Year- 534