Monday, December 17, 2012

40.....hopefully......cmon get there!

Mon- 3 slow miles with justin. 2 soccer games 6 miles ish.....
Tues- 8 miles 61:05- Legs so heavy today. Hips were good. No drama. Core Creek has been wet and soggy for almost 8 days nows. It's getting to be significantly annoying to have to almost stop dead at certain points in order to keep from falling over.
Wed- 5.3 Core Creek 44:24 Similar story. Heavy legs. Took it very slow.
Thurs- 8 miles Core Creek Went with Chris. Took around an hr. Got to get his Hellate race report. So jealous that I couldn't run that race this year. I think that's my #1 running goal for next year. 100K Starting at midnight, lots of mountains.....ahhh can't wait.
Fri-5 Core Creek + 2 Treadmill
Sat- 5.3 Core Creek 39:58
Sun- Rest

Another week in the books. Felt good to break 40 this week after getting so close last week. I will say though that I am very excited about a rest week next week. I'm always so worried about reinjuring myself that the rest week has become a necessity for me. What a blessing though just to be able to be out out on the traisl again without much pain. Last year we so frustrating. The last 2 months have been great. Can't complain

Week - 42 Ha!
Dec- 82

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