Monday, December 3, 2012

Week Ending Dec 2nd. Boom! Rest week + PR Try

Mon- 2.2 Miles- Soccer game at night 3 miles

Tues- 2 Miles Treadmill

Wed- 5.3 Miles Core Creek 58:50 Some slight speedwork here. My hipes are very sore from Monday night. Planning on going for a PR in Friday.

Thurs- 2.3 Miles as Neshaminy. Took it very easy. Trying to rest for tomorrow's PR attempt. Nervous but I think I'll be bale to break it.

Fri- Boom 5.3 in 35:59! Took almost a full minute off of my old personal record. Chris and I went together and he was a big help. First mile was too fast but the final mile was exactly as I'd hoped it would go. Feels good to break this one.

Sat- 2.2 Miles in Langhorne. Ran with my wife. Enjoyed it. Nice and Slow. Legs felt very heavy from yesterday.

Sun- Spent all day recruiting in Lancaster. No running. Thinking about giving up the Sunday rest day to get in a few more miles. No more than 2 at this point but it'll add up. Having the rest is nice though.

On the whole great week. Writing up something about setting PRs, will have that out soon.

Week- 21.5 Miles
Nov- 119 Miles
Dec- 2.2 Miles

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