Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recovery week

Mon- 2.5 Treadmill
Tues- 6.25 Treadmill
Wed- 2.2 Langhorne Hills
Thurs- 7 Treadmill Work. 1mi warm up, 1 mile sprint (5:52), .25 recovery, 1 mile 15% incline, .25 recovery. (then repeat). Took me 1hr and 5 minutes. The second sprint mile was 6:05, and the second 15% incline mile had to be brough to 9% for most of the run. I think I can get this workout under an Hr.
Fri- 8 Treadmill in 59:58 2 Trails
Sat- 5.2 Core Creek (My calves are like rocks from yesterday's treadmill workout)

Week- 33

Boring week

Mon- 4 Miles 30:00 , Road/Trail in the Poconos
Tues- 10 Neshamint 1:14:22, and 3 Treadmill 20:23 .5 jog .25 6mm .25 7mm repeat 4x .50 jog
Wed- 10 Baldpate Bad ankle pain 1 treadmill 4 eliptical
Thurs- 5.5 Treadmill
Fri- 5.2 Core Creek 40:23 3.25 Treadmill (hills and such)
Sat- 10 Neshaminy
Sun- 3 Core Creek with Bryan

Week- 59.5(4 eliptical)
June- 111
Year- 112.5

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Laurel Highlands Team Analysis

                       In General + is bad and - is Good :-)

                            Gain/Loss Verse Personal Predictions
Tim +14 Min
Justin - 4 Min
Talladay +21 Min
Wade +7 Min
Mcgann +11 Min

                           Seconds Per Mile Gain/Loss Toward Person Prediction
Tim +44 Seconds
Justin -18 Seconds
Talladay + 89 Seconds
Wade + 39 Seconds
Mcgann + 49 Seconds

                          Individual Over/Under Predictions
Tim 1 Point
Justin 2 Points
Talladay 1 Point
Wade 3 Points
Mcgann 2 Points                            

                               Time Lost/Gained On Leaders
Tim +10 Min!
Justin +26 Min
Talladay +42 Min
Wade +33 Min
Mcgann +22 Man

                                 Time Gain/Loss On 5th Place
Tim -15 Min!
Justin -6 Min
Talladay +5 Min
Wade +7 Min
Mcgann -1 Min

                                   Overall Pace (Mcgann Stat!)
Tim 9.32 Mile
Justin 9.20 Mile
Talladay 10.41 Mile
Wade 11.49 Mile
Mcgann 9.01 Mile!

                                   Seconds Gained/Lost Per Mile vs Leaders

Tim +31 Seconds
Justin +120 Seconds
Talladay +176 Seconds
Wade +185 Seconds
Mcgann + 98 Seconds

                                Seconds Gained/Lost Per Mile Vs 5th Place

Tim -47 Seconds
Justin -27 Seconds
Talladay +21 Seconds
Wade +39 Seconds
Mcgann -4.5 Seconds

                          Overall Place for your leg over the last 3 years (2011,2012,2013)

Tim 10th
Justin 13th
Talladay 17th (Used 13,12, and 09. 11, and 00 were longer legs)
Wade 22nd
Mcgann 16th


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Mon- 5.8 Core Creek in the Rain. Slow 2.2 Hills in Langhorne.
Tues- 7 Neshaminy W/ Palladino. Slow loop. Wanted to feel good at the finish. I did. Trying to take this taper thing seriously.
Wed- 5 core creek.
Thurs- Lots of Polish Ping Pong
Fri- More Polish + poor games (Great race Prep)
Sat-  19.3 Miles in the mountains 3:03 ish
Sun- 2.5 on a treadmill

Fun week with the guys out in western PA. Race report to come soon.

Week- 41.5
Year- 1030
June- 52.5

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Train/Taper Week

Mon- Rest, BBQ
Tues- 14 NESHAMINY LOOP NEW PR 1:38:44 Boom. Was super muddy and wet and annoying but finished very strong. First loop 49:35, second reverse loops 49:09. I'm convinced the reverse loop has to be easier. I was exhausted at the end of the first loop so there's no way I was strong/faster on the second without the trail itself just being easier in that direction. 3 more Treadmill miles in the PM 29:14 with 850ft of climbing in mile 2.
Wed- 5 neshaminy slow 2 Langhorne hills slow.
Thurs- 5 Core Creek 42:13 Hot Hot Heat!
Fri- 7 nhs 56:12. Then 2 with Brenda hills.
Sat- 3.5 With Brain, 5.2 With Justin
Sun- 2.3 Langhorne

Tuesday's PR Run at neshaminy was easily the highlight of the week. I was planning on running monday evening and haveing tuesday be my final "long run" before the race next saturday. Since I didn't run on monday, I thought tuesday needed to be long and fast. I didn't think it wouldbe as fast as it was given the rain and muddy trails but the whole run went ery well. The rest of the week was basically easy stuff with no speed or hill work at all really. This was supposed to be a rest/taper week and for the most part I think I stuck to that.

Week- 49
Month- 241 New Record!
Year- 988.5
June- 11