Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 6th-12th

Mon- 10 miles bike
       - 3 miles treadmill

Tues- 12 miles at Baldpate with Wayne. Took 1hr38min. Not bad. Still feeling good.
       -11 miles bike

Wed- 11 milles bike
       - 2 miles treadmill

Thurs- 5 miles trail
         - 11 miles bike

Fri- 11 miles bike
     - 2 treadmill

Sat- 7 miles neshaminy trails 55:44
     - 11 miles bike

Sun- Rest.

Best week in a very long time. Slowly feeling stronger and stronger. Next week will be pretty busy. So i may take it easy. I can't push it too hard too soon. The worst thing would be for me to push things too fast. Still feeling good though.

Week- 31 Run   64 Bike
Year- 88 miles run  -250 bike

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