Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy Busy Week

Mon- 9 Miles
Tues- 10 Miles
Wed- 8 Miles
Thurs- 10 Gouldsboro miles
Fri- Nothing (Travel back from Poconos) Then worked all night
Sat- 8 in the mornig (langhorne hills) Included a 5:50 mile on grass at Cairn Univ. 2 hills Langhorne
Sun- 9 total second 5.2 at core creek was 37:15

Very strange week. Hot in the beginning. Hated every mile. Then we were up north in the middle of the week. The end of the week I was trying to work and run and it was just a mess. Still happy with the 56 though.

Week- 56
Month- 203
Year- 959.5

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big week

Mon- 20 Baldpate 2:44:05 NEW PR- No major issues till about 5 hours after the run. I had been walking around, almost ran a few miles more at night, then all of a sudden my ankle started throbbing. Very painful. Couldn't walk. Wierd.
Tues- 3 Miles on Eliptical 1 Mile walk/run Lots of Ankle Pain and Swelling
Wed- 3 Miles on Eliptical 14:49 3 Miles running treadmill Pain and swelling are down but still present.
Thurs- 12 Core Creek 1:36:15 Lots of pain on the inside of my right ankle. Been there amost 2 months.
Fri- 8 Core Core 59:51
Sat- 14 Baldpate 1:53 New loops with Chris. Beautiful new trails. Pain the same.
Sun- 2 Grass at Cairn University

Week- 60
Month- 148
Year- 903.5

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rest for the Weary

Mon- 3 Treadmilll 24:04 Lots of tingling in the left foot. Arch area. Right hip hurst too, hurt yersterday
Tues- 5 Core Creek slow, no time. Foot feels better, hip too. Still there though.
Wed- 8 Core Creek 58:20
Thurs- 5 Core Creek 37:58 2 Treadmill 14:45
Fri- 5 Core Creek
Sat- 8 Core Creek 58:55
Sun- Rest

Weird rest week. It's sunday night and i'm still really tired. Not sure what's going on. Planning on going for my Baldpate 20 miler record tomorow. Should be interesting.

Week- 36
Month- 88

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Week

Mon- 3.5 Core Creek 30:50, 3 Treadmill 1 flat, 1.5 15%, .5 flat 31:56
Tues- Rest, Left achilles pain and arch soreness...probably from the night treadmill workout. Was in West Chester all day. No running
Wed- 10 NHS loop 1:13:08 (Might be a record) 3.5 Core Creek with Bryan 33:06
Thurs- 10 NHS loop 1:21:10 So weak. Chris crushed me.
Fri- 8 core creek
Sat- 8 core creek
Sun- 12 Baldpate 1:34:23

Strange week. Felt tired for almost all of it. I really do need the rest week I have coming up. Looking at the rest of the month it seems like i'll have one more push till the race. Rest this week, then a hard 16-17 days (140ish miles, lots of hillwork) then a solid 10 day taper.

Week- 58.5
April- 231.5 (Record!)
May- 52
Year- 817.5