Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting the 200 Mile Month

Mon- 10 Mile Neshaminy 7 with Chris
Tues- 6 at Nesh by myself 5 with Justin, He's coming along nicely
Wed- 7 at Nesh 49:50 + 3 31:45 treadmill. Hillwork day. Sprinted all hills at Nesh. The 3 miles were .5 flat .5 15% 3x. Not bad. Achilles hurt and right knee.
Thurs- 3.5 with Bryan at Core Creek, 5.2 At Core Creek with Nolan 49:20
Fri- Achilles pain!bleh! Day Off.
Sat- 1 Mile warm up in the morning. Achilles felt ok.
       7 Mile Neshaminy NEW PR 47:14 (Ran the course in reverse though. I think the reverse loop is easier/faster) 
Sun- 5 at Nesh- Very tired

New Neshaminy PR was the highlight of the week. Still felt some achilles pain. No major news.

Week- 53
Month- 53
Year- 587

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