Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest Week, April Style

Mon- 3.5 Core Creek with Bryan, 31:30 Great kick at the end
Tues- 5.2 Core Creek 38:50 Good strong finish. Started real slow. Right achillles still achy.
Wed- 7 NHS 52ish minutes 3 Treadmill
Thurs- 8 Core Creek 59ish minutes
Fri- 6.2 Core Creek.
Sat- 4.1 Slow
Sun- Off, sore and tired.

Horrible rest week. Achy and tired all week. No hills....bleh. Still set up nicely for a 200 mile month though.

Semi-Direct Quotes from Bryan this week "Tim, I just want to run and enjoy runnning." "I'm feeling that runners high." "So no running today huh, bummer"

Week- 37
Month- 148
Year- 682

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