Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep it going

Mon- 7 at Nesh- Horrible Run 3 on treadmill .25 flat .75 15% x3
Tues- 3 on Treadmill at night .5 flat, 1.5 15% incline, .5 flat 32 minutes
Wed- 10 Nesh. 1:25:14 holy hot and horrible run. 3 treadmill Speedworkish stuff 22:05
Thurs- 11 Core Creek (First 8 by myself 1:02:00, next 3 with Bryan) 3 treamill (Sluggish)
Fri- 5 treadmill. Hip flexor pain today. Pretty bad.
Sat- 10 Neshaminy 1:16:45- So Tired. Rest week is close.
Sun- 3 Core Creek, So sore, so tired, So weak. Right ankle, hipflexor, achilles were very bothersome. Endede this run short.

Not a bad week. Had a few bad days (Tues, Fri, Sun). But hey, almost 60 miles is a good week. Was really needing the rest week though. My right legs, ankle, hip etc was really bugging me. Sunday's outing was very painful and I felt like I was running injured. Good news thought,  no PF pain in the left foot. Still crazy to me that I walked around with stupid tingling in that foot for over a year. So thankful that at least I've had a few months without that pain.

Week- 58
April- 111
Year- 645

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