Monday, March 11, 2013

Need This Rest Week, But didn't get it.

Ok so this week was supposed to be a rest week. Then the next 2 weeks were going to be hard training followed up by a rest week and the Hatrun. Well I got my schedule mixed up and Hatrun is actually only 2 weeks away. Opps. I figured this out on Friday, thus the 15 on sat and 7 on Sunday. Oh well. Bad planning on my part.

Mon- 2 Miles treadmill, Core work, Calf Work
Tues- 5 Neshaminy, Hip aubductors and such.
Wed- 3 miles
Thurs- 3 Road, 2 treadmill. 15% incline for 1 miles, took 12:15. Not bad. Outside of ankles kills.
Fri- 4 Core Creek with my brother in the snow
Sat- 10 -Am Neshaminy 1:21:15 5- PM Neshaminy Felt very tired
Sun- 7 Neshaminy 53:40 Autopilot for the whole run. Was exhausted.

Week- 41
March- 54
Year- 422

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