Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Goals

So I basically failed on every running goal that I set for myself in 2012. I think most of that was out of my control given that I came into 2012 injured and almost nothing I did seemed to aide that. I guess I would have gone to a docotor sooner. That may have gotten me back running quicker but who  knows.  The point is that I am for healthier going into this year and than last, therefore I am far more optimistic about my chance of accomplishing my goals than I was last year. I will also be recycling most of those goals since....well I still want to do them.

#1 Goal for 2013- Finish Hellgate- Hellgate was the race that got me into ultrarunning in the first place. One night 4 years ago Chris Palladino talked of a race that started at midnight, then he corrected himself 12:01AM. He spoke of a small group of people that set out in the middle of the night to cover multiple mountains on snow covered trails all with the hope of being called a Hellgate Finisher. It was his description of this race that peaked my interest in the sport and I thought maybe one day I can run that race. Well that race is about 10 months from now. I have just completed 2 solid months of training and I'm optimistic about getting into the race. Finishing it is #1 on my list for the year.  

#2 Run 2,000 miles for the year- In a perfect world this won't be difficult. Then again I haven't seemed to be able to go more than 3 months without injury so putting together a solid year is still a stretch in my mind. So 2,000 miles seems like a good bet. That's about 166 a month.....shouldn't be super difficult.

#3 Run the PA section of the AT- It's over 200miles of trail. I think that would be cool to run my state's section of it over multiple days.

#4 Complete the Laurel Highland Ultra 70.5 Miles relay with my friends- I have been looking forward to the day when my close friends would join me in my passion for running. That's hasn't happened yet but they do seem to be interested in running this relay in June. Looks like they will have to run 10+ miles each so they're gonna have to put in some training between now and then.

#5 Another top 10 Finish in a 50K- Most likely the race that I will have a chance to accomplish this is BluesCruise in October. I like this race. It's close to home, it's mostly single track, and I finished top 10 there before. I would love to get a fast, 4:15ish 50k pr in this year. Maybe it'll happen, maybe not.

So yea there's my top 5. Finishing my Masters Degree this summer will also be a priority....not sure where it would fall on the list but it's on there somewhere.

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