Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ending 2-3-13

Mon- 8 miles Core Creek 60:31. Felt so slow and sick today. Cold, Wet, Hated it. Arch started hurting like 5 days ago. Bad sign. 3 miles soccer.
Tues- Rest Day, Knee feels very weak and painful
Wed- 7 Miles Neshaminy 59:30 Lots of walking, totally muddy everywhere. It was hot and miserable. Bleh
Thurs- 7 Miles Neshaminy 52:45. So much better than yesterday. Achilles hurts, arch isn't great.
Fri- 2 miles in the morning on the road in the snow. Saw snow and had to go for a quick one. 8 in the afternoon slow.
Sat- 7 at neshaminy 56:18
Sun- 3 at Core Creek, nice and slow. Seems to be a trend these days.

Week- 45
Jan- 180 Boom!
2012- 200
Miles Per Day Average- 5.88

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