Sunday, September 8, 2013

Planning for BLUESCRUISE

Mon- 8 Core Creek 1:00:02
          7 Neshaminy 59:32
Tues- 2 roads, 8 core creek, 1.5 soccer. 
Wed- 3 treadmill, 6 soccer
Thurs- rest
Fri- 20 miler at baldpate PR 2:37:28 boom!
      4 treadmill
Sat- 5 Core Creek
       5 Road Langhorne
Sun- 4 Langhorne Road with Brenda

I love breaking that 20 mile record at Baldpate. This time it felt too easy. The first loops was 1:29 and the second (shorter) loop was 1:18:28. Felt  good and did run at soccer practice that afternoon and in the evening as well. 2 years ago I ran this same loop in 2:47:45 and then ran a 4:30 at Bluecruise. I'm thinking this year might be a 4:15 or so. Fingers crossed.

Week- 74
Month- 81
Year- 1803

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