Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rest Week

Mon- 4 miles at 15% on the treadmill almost all walking. 3107ft of elevation took 1hr
          3 Core Creek with Bryan
          1 Soccer at night
Tues- 4 miles at 15% Alternated run/walk 1 mile each 3208 ft of gain. Tennis after. So sore.
Wed- 7 Neshaminy
Thurs- 3 Treadmills 1,800ft elevation
           5 Neshaminy with Adam, slow.
Fri- 7 Treadmill workout. Killer workout actually. 1 mile jog (7 min), 1 mile sub 6(5:50), rest .25, 1 mile at 15% incline, .25 rest and repeat. Got this sucker done in 59:50. First time I've been able to do it in under an Hr. My thinking is next time I'll make the "Jog" miles slower so as the make the 15% incline miles touhger, ie I'll have to run them faster to make up for the lost time on the jog mile.
Sat-3.5 with Bryan at core creek. 2.5 with Brenda
Sun- 4 miles with Brenda at Neshaminy 3 by myself

Good week. Killer elevation gain. Over 10,000.  I call it Hellgate training :-)

Week- 47
Aug- 72
Year- 1544

Wife- 22

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