Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Ends and August Begins

Mon- 5 Treadmill 43:30 and 7 at Neshaminy 55:35 Ankle feels better.
Tues- 7 Treadmill 52:26 7 Neshaminy 54:04 Ankle still better.
Wed- 16 Core Creek after work. Very slow. 8 more on the treadmill. 300 YEA!
Thurs- Yea I took the day off.
Fri- 10 at Neshaminy. First five 39:40 second five 44:02
Sat- 5 Core Creek with my Wife 51:42 3 Hill in Langhorne in the PM
Sun- 7 Neshaminy

Wierd week. Felt great to get to 300. I really didn't think I'd be able to but for some reason wednesday just went great from start to finish. Coming into august I'm a bit concerned. I really need to pick up my hill work and distance work. I've been doing so many double runs that I haven't strung together and 20+ miler since May. Not good. Time to hit the hills and longer runs before the semsester and soccer start. Hellgate is coming soon!

Week- 75
July- 300 New Record!
Aug- 25
Year- 1497

Blues Cruise 2014 Training
Wife- 20

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