Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2 More Heat

Mon- 8 Core Creek 1:02:31 Slow, but not too bad.
Tues- 5 Core Creek with Adam Jalovic 45:23
          8 Neshaminy 1:10:12
Wed- 10 Nesh 1:26:12 So hot and humid. Kill me now.
Thurs- 3 Core Creek With Bryan
           14 Neshaminy First 7 with Adam and Stephan 59:32 SEcond 7 by myself 58:02 Finally some cooler weather.
Fri- 8 Neshaminy in the AM 1:09
      10 Treadmill in the PM 1:26
Sat- 9 Mile Core Creek 1:26:12 Legs are sold bricks
Sun- 7 Neshaminy 58:01 Fastest Neshaminy loops in 2 weeks. Still really slow, but I will take a time like that in the heat and on the tail end of a record setting week anyday.
         4 In the dark after work.

Well it was a record breaking week. My Joints are sore and my achilles is very weak but new ground has been broken. Given then heat and humidity this week I'm very happy. Most of these miles were very slow however. Can't in on every count I guess. 86 Miles is nothing to look down on though. Ever.

Week 86 New Record
Two week Count- 152 New Record
Month- 152
Year- 1324 Miles

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