Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Week

Mon- 3.5 Core Creek 30:50, 3 Treadmill 1 flat, 1.5 15%, .5 flat 31:56
Tues- Rest, Left achilles pain and arch soreness...probably from the night treadmill workout. Was in West Chester all day. No running
Wed- 10 NHS loop 1:13:08 (Might be a record) 3.5 Core Creek with Bryan 33:06
Thurs- 10 NHS loop 1:21:10 So weak. Chris crushed me.
Fri- 8 core creek
Sat- 8 core creek
Sun- 12 Baldpate 1:34:23

Strange week. Felt tired for almost all of it. I really do need the rest week I have coming up. Looking at the rest of the month it seems like i'll have one more push till the race. Rest this week, then a hard 16-17 days (140ish miles, lots of hillwork) then a solid 10 day taper.

Week- 58.5
April- 231.5 (Record!)
May- 52
Year- 817.5

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