Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big week

Mon- 20 Baldpate 2:44:05 NEW PR- No major issues till about 5 hours after the run. I had been walking around, almost ran a few miles more at night, then all of a sudden my ankle started throbbing. Very painful. Couldn't walk. Wierd.
Tues- 3 Miles on Eliptical 1 Mile walk/run Lots of Ankle Pain and Swelling
Wed- 3 Miles on Eliptical 14:49 3 Miles running treadmill Pain and swelling are down but still present.
Thurs- 12 Core Creek 1:36:15 Lots of pain on the inside of my right ankle. Been there amost 2 months.
Fri- 8 Core Core 59:51
Sat- 14 Baldpate 1:53 New loops with Chris. Beautiful new trails. Pain the same.
Sun- 2 Grass at Cairn University

Week- 60
Month- 148
Year- 903.5

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