Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy Busy Week

Mon- 9 Miles
Tues- 10 Miles
Wed- 8 Miles
Thurs- 10 Gouldsboro miles
Fri- Nothing (Travel back from Poconos) Then worked all night
Sat- 8 in the mornig (langhorne hills) Included a 5:50 mile on grass at Cairn Univ. 2 hills Langhorne
Sun- 9 total second 5.2 at core creek was 37:15

Very strange week. Hot in the beginning. Hated every mile. Then we were up north in the middle of the week. The end of the week I was trying to work and run and it was just a mess. Still happy with the 56 though.

Week- 56
Month- 203
Year- 959.5

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