Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is the New Year

Mon- 10 miles at core creek 1:27:00 3 Miles with my wife in Langhorne 30 min
Tues- 8 miles Core Creek. First 3 with my wife. Last 5 by myself. It was getting dark for the final 3 miles or so. I was seriously cruising the last 2 miles. Felt really great to run fast on a flat course, especially after running 13 miles yesterday. The comeback is on!
Wed- Another 8 at Core Creek with Dave Simon. Tired today. But 29 miles in 3 days sounds great to me so I will surely not complain about heavy legs. Minor irritation in my heel...nothing to worry about.
Thurs- 5 at Core Creek 42:32. Cold, Tire Legs, Fell in the mud. Bleh
Fri- 10 miles in the Dark at Neshaminy. Was trying to break 1:20 on this route but my garmin ran out of battery around mile 9....i think I would have finished around 1:18 or so but can't be sure. Love running at night. Rolling my ankle three time on frozen mountain bike ruts was no fun but other than that running at night is great.
Sat- 8 core creek NEW CORE CREEK PR for my wife :-) 50:23
Sun- Off

Started the new year off right. Had my first 50 mile week in over 14 months. It was a really great feeling. The beginning of the week I felt very week. By the end I was exhausted and I very excited for my rest week next week. I am very proud of my wife who broke her Core Creek PR 50:23. Nice work!  No  other news there.

Dec- 162
Week- 52
Jan- 42

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