Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to the 50s, Walk Dead!

Mon- 8 Miles as Core Creek and 3 miles at soccer
Tues- Another 8 Mile at Core Creek- Totally blew up my Achilles last night at soccer. Was killing me today.....
Wed-10 neshaminy 1:20:01 felt slow and weak for the entire run. Bleh.
Thurs- 5.3 core creek. 41:20 weak effort
Fri- 10 neshaminy. 1:15:23 was much easier with frozen trails. So sick of the mud.
Sat- 6 Miles Core Creek Took almost an Hr, 58.35 Felt like a zombie the whole time.
Sun- 3.2 Miles 27:18 with my wife on her birthday! She was fying the final 2 miles. Very fun. I'm still exhausted and didn't enjoy trying to keep up with her. Too fast for me today ;-)

Back in the 50s! Now time for back to back. Chances are if I wanted to I could get to 200 this month but I think that would be pushing it a bit more than I want to but it's fun to know that I'm close to 200. I haven't had a 200 miles month since Aug 2011. That feels like to so long ago.

Week- 53
Month- 125

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