Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New week Ending 1-13

Mon- 3 miles Langhorne 3 at soccer
Tues- 2 Hills Langhorne
Wed- rest day
Thurs- 5.2 New Core Creek Pr 34:41. Shaved 1:18 off my old record.
Fri- 7.5 at Neshaminy. Nice and slow.
Sat- 5.3 with my brother at core creek. He took 5 minutes off his PR. Well done Bryan!
Sun- Rest. Went to see WICKED on Broadway. Great show. Postmodern message is upfront and dominates the narrative but strong vocal performaces in the first half of the show carry the Musical. Really liked it.

Overall this was an odd rest week. The mileage ws good but the PR run on Thursday did some damage to my achilles. Also the soccer game on monday really ended up hurting my feet and knee. With my plan to do two 50 mile weeks in a row I better be very careful.

Week- 26 miles for the rest week.
Jan- 72

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