Friday, October 18, 2013

Race week

Mon- 5
Tues- 5
Thurs- 3.5
Fri- 4
Sat- 0
Sun- 18 blues cruise DNF

This was my first ever DNF. No Race Report coming. I felt good till mile 7. Then I felt some pain in my knee. Hadn't had knee pain in forever. Tried to stretch it out at mile 10, no luck. By the time I got the mile 13 I was in trouble. I had to stop and stretch every 200yards or so. Hoping it would go away I tried to make it to the next aide station. I made it about a mile and then had to walk the final 3 miles. Horrile IT Band pain, couldn't shake it, oh well.

Week- 35.5
Sept- 279
Oct- 30.5
Year- 2026.5

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